Disturbing …

Mr. Harold Camping, the 90+ year-old head honcho at Family Radio has once again duped many of his followers by back-peddling on his ludicrous claims that the world was coming to an end on May 21st. 2011. It didn’t happen in 1994, it didn’t happen on May 21st. 2011, and it won’t happen on October 20th. 2011 – his latest, latest date for the ‘rapture’.

Anyone with more than two neurons firing at the same time (including most self-described Christians) would see that this target was plucked out of thin air and has no basis in scientific or even biblical “fact”. His own good book has trumped him. He apparently doesn’t know enough about the bible to have bothered reading Mathew 24:36 where it states that no-one can know when the big rapture shindig is gonna take place.

I feel sad that so many of his followers blindly accepted this rambling nonsense and sold everything, quit good paying jobs and otherwise financially strapped themselves just so they could be swept upstairs to hang with fellow believers upstairs with the big guy with the beard. I, for one am heading downstairs – they have good beer there.

I feel sad but also know that these people made their own bed and must now sleep in it.

That’s organized religion for you, folks. Fun, eh?


About haggisman2000

Retired, live in Nanaimo, British Columbia Proud to be a free thinking atheist
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