I’m in!!

This is my first posting to my blog. Nice to see WordPress making this functionality available for free.

Oh, I suppose I should introduce myself …

I emigrated to Canada with my family in 1970-dad was a farmer, book-keeper and lighthouse keeper back in Scotland. We’ve lived in Guelph, Ontario since then and I just recently moved to Nanaimo, British Columbia to settle down with my better half, a lovely lady named Nanette.

We have 3 cats, a geriatric German Shepherd and Nanette’s mum lives downstairs in her own part of the house. The house itself is on 1.7 acres of land which is covered by large cedar trees – apart from the few days in summer when the wonderful odours drift in from the local pulp mill, Harmac, the weather in this part of the country is awesome. Kinda reminds me of Scotland – mild winters, any snow we do get only sticks around for a couple of days. The best part is – NO SHOVELLING – unlike Ontario! Summers are pleasant – mid to high 20s and no humidity – thats the best part 🙂



About haggisman2000

Retired, live in Nanaimo, British Columbia Proud to be a free thinking atheist
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